More extra words (aka fluff)

rogersgeorge on June 19th, 2010

Here are some examples I gleaned from some recent writing I edited. The unnecessary words are in curly brackets.

“{This letter is to inform you that} it is time for your annual review.” Any time you say that you are going to say something, you probably don’t need to say it. This goes for the too-common phrase “I’d like to…”

“Do it {all over} again.”

“Give directions {on a} daily {basis}.”

“…contains material {of a proprietary nature}.” Should be “…proprietary material.”

“…enter {into} a confined space.”

“{any} employees who…” “{all} persons who…”

Here’s the rule: If removing a word (or phrase) doesn’t change the meaning, remove it.

“The estimator {accurately} determines the cost of jobs.” Would he do it any other way? Determining the cost implies accuracy.

Got any favorites you love to hate? Share.

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