Portmanteau Words

rogersgeorge on May 5th, 2016

The original portmanteau was a big suitcase that opened into two equal parts. The term has since been generalized to refer to about anything consisting of more or less equal parts.

Particularly words. I hope you subscribe to Anu Garg’s A Word a Day. It features a word and its definition five days a week, usually organized around some theme. The first week in April, 2016, he featured portmanteau words. The other day I ran into a comic that did the same thing (only these words certainly aren’t in common use), then found another comic on the same theme. So I had to share. Here’s one:

Wrong Hands

And here’s the other:

Rabbits Against Magic

Espressonism, eh? Maybe -nism isn’t exactly a whole word, but you get the idea.

So—got any portmanteau words that you like? Share in the comments.

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Another Battle we’re Going to Lose

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Okay, I favor using “whom” wherever it’s grammatically appropriate. “Whom” tends to be unpopular because you have to think to use it correctly, especially when you create a sentence that’s not a basic declarative sentence. “Whom” is still useful, though. Here’s why I think “whom” will fall out of use. This is a passage from a […]

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Geek, Curmudgeon, or Nazi?

rogersgeorge on May 1st, 2016

Prefix those three words with “Grammar” and you have the topic of today’s post. You could add a few other terms to the list: expert, teacher, nuisance. But that would make for an awkward title. What are the differences?  (Yes, I know, it could be “What’s the difference?”) Grammar Geek—likes grammar, likes to discuss the […]

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A Plumber after my own Heart

rogersgeorge on April 29th, 2016

Redundancy is a bugbear in expository writing. Try not to do it. Okay, a bugbear is an imaginary monster described by adults to frighten children. Let’s say I’m using the word to help you picture how normally bad it is to repeat concepts unnecessarily. (When you write a word and then define it, I suppose you could […]

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Another Spelling Comic

rogersgeorge on April 27th, 2016

Dan Piraro’s comic Bizarro is usually pretty good, and like most cartoonists, he’s a bit of a grammar curmudgeon (as I am). So today’s post is easy to write. Be nice to know how she could tell he said it wrong, though… PS. If you go to the actual comic and look at the title […]

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