Why do Cartoonists Keep Posting Variations of this Joke?

rogersgeorge on November 28th, 2017

Maybe it’s an easy solecism to make fun of. Dogs of C-Kennel.

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Another Spelling Comic

rogersgeorge on April 27th, 2016

Dan Piraro’s comic Bizarro is usually pretty good, and like most cartoonists, he’s a bit of a grammar curmudgeon (as I am). So today’s post is easy to write.

Bizarro - 04/19/2016

Be nice to know how she could tell he said it wrong, though…

PS. If you go to the actual comic and look at the title through 3-D glasses, it’s three-dimensional.

I couldn’t resist

rogersgeorge on December 31st, 2011

I was going to skip posting today, but I saw today’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and had to share it with all you grammar-lovers out there in case you missed it. (The link is for the SMBC main site. You have to navigate to the one for Dec 31, 2011 if you click the link some other day.) The strip is too long to show here, so here are the first two panels.

If it's not Dec 31, and you click the picture, I think it'll take you to the right day.

Of course this is one of my favorite mistakes to hate. Note that the bad guy did learn the grammar lesson—he just hates it.