Time for Another Comic about Grammar

rogersgeorge on August 27th, 2016

Your grammar reveals social status—which side of the tracks you are from. Demonstrated by this Rubes comic, sort of.


Beware those double negatives! Though only the grammar police would try to interpret this as a positive. I might add that in classical Greek, a double negative was interpreted as a strong negative.

By the way, English has one double positive that means a negative. The expression “yeah, right.”

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A cartoon about grammar

rogersgeorge on July 14th, 2011

PLEASE tell me that you get this. OTOH, tell me if you don't, and I'll explain it.

And no, the joke is not that those are really shamrocks on her grave. I saw this in the comic Rubes, by Leigh Rubin. The link to his comics is here: http://www.creators.com/comics/rubes.html, and I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed. Here’s a link to his bio: http://www.creators.com/comics/rubes-about.html.