Funny comic

rogersgeorge on November 20th, 2012

I have lots more “lessons” in the hopper, and I’ll start posting more frequently when I get time, but here’s a comic I ran into today that particularly struck my funny bone. I think I mentioned David Malki and this strip in the past, maybe more than once. I recommend it. The link below goes to his site.

Kidding! Of course it means 'a statement with a one in ten chance of being true.' OR DOES IT???

We have seen The Linguistics Major before.

Ahem. Not that a linguistics major is completely useless. My wedding ring is inscribed with a quote (in Greek, of course) from the Septuagint. Oh—in case you don’t know, Uralic and Altaic are two very old Indo-European languages. And I’ve been meaning to point out what “decimate” really means; well, what it used to mean. I think the meaning of that word is a battle we purists have lost.

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