The parrot is correct

rogersgeorge on December 26th, 2011

Here’s a comic I ran into recently.  The parrot got three things right that a lot of folks get wrong. Bizarro is generally pretty funny, by the way, and I recommend it.

The first thing is he mentioned himself first. Yes, this is opposite of an aside I made in a recent post about case. Normally, out of humility, you’re supposed to mention yourself last, but it’s not necessary to put yourself behind inanimate objects, and he’s talking mainly about himself anyway.

Second, he used the correct case. Many people would have said “With crackers and I…” and this is wrong. Object of a preposition—use “me.”

Third, a lot of folks would have missed the apostrophe in “a thousand’s.” It’s a contraction of “thousand is.”

Fourth, he didn’t point out that his mistress had eaten a few too many crackers herself.

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2 Responses to “The parrot is correct”

  1. It’s interesting. though a little incongruous, to read an expert’s observations on vernacular usage- it’s a comic, for goodness sake. Or would that be for goodness’ sake?

  2. LOL. Sometimes the vernacular is right! Besides, I want to write about something

    And yes, it’s “for goodness’ sake.”


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