There there there, now, it’s all right

rogersgeorge on June 19th, 2009

In response to my tweet:
There—a place. Put the book over there.
Their—someone’s. Their book is over there.
They’re—contraction of “they are.” They’re telling me that their book is over there.

If you have trouble remembering which is which, jot down that last sentence and post it where you can see it when you write.

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One Response to “There there there, now, it’s all right”

  1. sharon pfeiffer johnsonJune 19th, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Thanks — I did know that. I did secretarial work most of my working life. I retired ten years ago as my father was very ill and I helped care for him.

    Do you remember me? I remember (probably in fifth grade or there about) that I was writting backhanded and you said that wasn’t good as it showed I was introverted. I no longer write backhanded and am quite outgoing. Sounds like you are unemployed — my husband is about to be laid off himself. Let’s hope this economy picks up soon.

    Have fun on your motorcycle. My husband goes riding every Sat. and is planning another trip out west in August.

    Sharon Pfeiffer Johnson


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