Test Answers 3

rogersgeorge on September 10th, 2017

Remember, the original test is here. go take it if you haven’t already. What’s the fun of free answers?

  1. So, the Rangers are based out of Igloolik.
  2. So what does a potential new state of matter for the rest of us?
  3.  Indiana law explicitly forbids government employees such as the Governor to conduct politics on state accounts, so it’s credible to argue Pence had no other options.
  4. “The Church and State owes them all an apology,” she said.
  5. It stands in stark contrast with a pair of current cartoons by fairly mainstream conservative cartoonists that mock Democrats for being obsessed with the Russian connections.

And the answers:

  1. They are based in that place. Even based at works, but not out of! Maybe they venture out of Igloolik occasionally…
  2. Okay, I usually don’t bother with simple carelessness, but these are professionals! What does a potential new state of matter mean for the rest of us?
  3. The reference to the governor is an aside (aka non-restrictive) so it should have commas before and after it. “…employees, such as the governor, to conduct…” but that’s not the main goof! Do you forbid someone to do something, or forbid them from doing it? You could also throw a “that” in front of Pence.
  4. Ah, good old subject-verb agreement. You should all have gotten this one. “Church and state” is a plural, so you want the plural verb, “owe.”
  5. Cartoonists are people, people. So it’s cartoonists who mock Democrats. “Who” is for people, “that” is for non-people.
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2 Responses to “Test Answers 3”

  1. Hi Rogers –

    I missed number five on this page (number 15 on the test). I read the sentence to say that the cartoons, which are drafted by these cartoonists, mock democrats. Is it the lack of commas around “by fairly mainstream political cartoonists” which forces the “who” rather than the “that” in this example? Or is your reasoning that cartoons are inanimate and cannot, by themselves, mock? If the latter, we may have to have more words on this one.

  2. You are observant! I quoted the original, punctuation and all. However, in this case, the lack of commas is appropriate. It has to do with a thing called restrictive and non-restrictive clauses. With commas, the “by fairly mainstream cartoonists” would amount to an aside (non-restrictive). All that said, I certainly agree that cartoons can mock! Not to mention be sarcastic, lame, and funny. I have a post planned, by the way, that mentions commas and restrictiveness.


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