Getting “lie” right

rogersgeorge on September 13th, 2012

I’ve mentioned the verbs “lie” and “lay” several times in the past on this site. I now return to the theme with a well-done and grammatically correct comic. I’m generally favorably impressed with how careful comic writers are with their English, and David Gilbert in his Sept 10 edition of Buckles is no exception.

Now for a little change of subject. Look back at the first sentence in this post. It contains an error. Can you tell what it is? I’ll put the answer after the comic to help you resist the temptation to look.

You can find the comic on and

Here’s the mistake: The sentence contains a redundancy. Since I used the present perfect tense (have mentioned), the event had to occur in the past, so the phrase “in the past” should be left out. “On this site” is okay to leave in because I could have mentioned “lie” and “lay” in lots of other places (and I have).  If you caught the mistake, congratulations! You can write!

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