Subjunctive quickie

rogersgeorge on March 27th, 2012

Yes, yes, this comic has a political theme, which I generally avoid, but it’s a good example of the subjunctive mood. In English, many verbs show that they are in the subjunctive only by having the appropriate auxiliary verb attached. I don’t recall ever hearing of the “pre-existing conditional tense,” however. Maybe pre-existing conditional clause, though.

My thanks to the comic Rhymes with Orange for today's humor.

In Greek, for those of you who are curious, “I give” is didomi (short o, omicron) and the equivalent of “I would give” is didoomi with a long o (an omega). They also have an even stronger mood, called the optative, meaning “I wish I could give.” That’s didoimi. Now you know Greek!

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  1. Only you would think to circumvent the argument “It is all Greek to me,” with a Greek lesson. Well done.


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